Chainsaw Man Manga Chapter 5 : A Way to Touch Some Boobs

Chainsaw Man Manga Chapter 5





Denji and Power patrol, but Power is thirsty for blood and slaps Denji on the head and tells him to let something kill her. Denji ignores her and wonders how he will find a way to touch her breasts. He remembers what Makima told him, that since Power is a Devil, he will attract attention, so he has to patrol places with little traffic, and if he comes across other Devil Hunters or police officers, to show his Public Safety badge.Since they couldn’t find any devils, Power brags that it must be because of how terrifying the devil used to be and how devils run from her scent. Denji then realizes that they can’t get results this way and accuses Aki of setting him up. The Force smells some blood and runs excitedly into battle. He jumps off the building and uses his blood to form a hammer and smash the sea cucumber devil to pieces. She starts laughing and says the glory is hers.When Makima arrives on the scene, she explains her obstruction of justice when the Public Security Devil Hunters kill a devil who was already engaged to a civilian female Devil Hunter. She berates Power and Denji, telling Power that she needs to think before she acts and that Denji needs to control her more. Makima mentions that Power may not be suitable as a demon hunter because she gets excited too easily. Hearing Power freak out, he tells her that Denji told her to kill the devil. Denji and Power then begin to argue, with Power continuing to blame him and Denji declaring that she is a liar. Makima then tells them to stop and Power immediately freezes. Makima doesn’t care who was at fault, but wants to see big things from them.Later, Power sees the cat and tells Denji that she can only get along with cats, that she hates humans as instinct and the devil because the devil took her cat. She explains that Makima caught her before she could save her cat, and that she would do anything to get her cat back, but she believes that Denji will not understand such sentiments. Denji says he doesn’t care about cats, but mentions that he’ll do anything to touch some breasts, and Power offers him a deal if he can get her cat back, he’ll let him touch her breasts. When Denji hears this, he gets angry at the devil who kidnapped the poor cat and decides to murder the devil.

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