Chainsaw Man Manga Chapter 47 : Luck With Women

Chainsaw Man Manga Chapter 47





Clutching the severed heads, Reze explains that she killed the two as a show of strength, stating that she would rather not kill, and asks the group to leave Denji behind and run. Aki quickly starts the car and turns around her in an attempt to escape.Reze jumps on top of the car with an explosion and comments exasperatedly about how the gasoline in the car will cause a fire. However, before she can attack, she is ambushed and knocked back by a kick from the Violence Fiend. Aki leans out the car window, yelling that he called for help earlier, and thanks the Violence Fiend. The devil kicks Reza again, but she is able to block his attack, much to her surprise. Reze praises the Violence Fiend for his strength and prepares to fight. However, noticing how much weaker he is, the Violence Fiend calls out to Kobeni before retreating into the building. Reze turns to see Kobeni on the floor, slumped over with an injured hip. He starts crying and begging for his life, crawling into a ball on the floor. As she sobs, Reze leaves.Aki continues driving on the crowded highway. Angel Devil looks out the window and sees Reze moving across the sky and darting towards their position. He lands on a large truck right behind them as Denji jolts out of his daze. Aki tells the latter that as a last resort they will drive the car right into her as their main goal is to keep Denji away from her. However, Denji transforms and cuts his way to her with a car as Aki warns him about the lack of blood.Confronting Reza, Denji angrily tells her that every woman he’s met has tried to kill him, and questions why so many people are interested in Chainsaw’s heart but not his. Reze tells him that her feelings for him were genuine, causing Denji to hesitate. Aki yells at him, bringing him back to reality and telling him not to be gullible. Denji comments that he doesn’t need Reze anymore because he has Maki. Reze is surprised before saying that the two of them running away together would be meaningless if Makima had an influence on him. Enraged, Denji shouts that he does not want Reze’s death to be known to him and plans to capture her as he pounces on her.

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