Chainsaw Man Manga Chapter 41 : Before the Storm

Chainsaw Man Manga Chapter 41





Aki is on duty with Angel Devil, hoping to kill more devils and gain respect in the office so he can be assigned to the Gun Devil task force. Angel Devil complains about the effort, wanting to sit and eat ice cream instead, but Aki warns him that his lack of cooperation will lead to his annihilation. Given this, Angel Devil concludes that dying is a little more effort than work and agrees to move.A flashback shows Maki introducing Angel Devil to Aki. Aki still shows reluctance to work with devils as Makima explains that the angelic devil is the most powerful hunter besides Kishibe. He explains that he has the ability to absorb the life force of anyone he touches and transform it into weapons with powerful properties. He explains that when he was discovered, he consumed the entire village.Later, the pair stand over the corpse of the devil they killed. Angel Devil discovers the dying body of a freelance devil hunter. Aki asks Angel Devil to kill the main one painlessly, but Angel Devil refuses, saying that as a devil, he believes that people should suffer when they die. Aki kills the man as the pair calmly come to the conclusion that neither can get along with the other on a personal level.Meanwhile, Denji returns to the cafe, unsure whether his heart lies with Makima or not. As he enters, Reze remarks that he has eaten there every day that week. She invites him to sit at her table as she mentions that she can’t read. He reveals that the only kanji he can write is ‘Balls’, which makes her laugh. She expresses her desire to learn to read, and Reze approaches and invites him to attend night school with her. Distraught and blushing, Denji accepts.Elsewhere, a scarred, half-naked man looks down into a basin filled with water. He talks to the typhoon devil and asks why the devils desire the chainsaw devil’s heart. The Typhoon Devil’s voice emerges from the sink, replying that he doesn’t need to know and reminding him of the terms of their contract: Use of his powers forever in exchange for Denji’s heart. The man then tells the story of how he killed a much-feared Chinese devil hunter by kidnapping, murdering, and flaying his family.

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