Chainsaw Man Manga Chapter 36 : Katana vs. Chainsaw

Chainsaw Man Manga Chapter 36





Denji and Power arrive at headquarters using the elevator. The force begins to chew on the severed zombified hand, disgusting Denji and causing the two to fight. As they argue, the elevator doors open and a swarm of zombies appear in front of them.Since the zombies don’t notice them, Denji advises them to stay quiet and use the element of surprise. However, the Force begins to screech loudly, challenging the zombies to fight. Power bravely steps forward and begins to fight, while a confused and annoyed Denji remains in the elevator. Believing that Denji is still after her, Power easily makes her way through the dozens of hulking zombies, boasting that she is “the strongest there is”.As Denji’s elevator reaches the upper floor, he prepares to pull the chainsaw’s cable. The door opens and he sees Katana Man along with a pair of Gun-Agents. Katana Man asks him to stop so he can ask some questions. He explains how the groups desire compensation for the Old Man’s death, with Denji explaining in frustration that the Old Man was zombified when he killed him. Katana Man asks if Denji really didn’t feel anything when he killed the zombies, reminding him that they used to be human. Denji repeats that he felt nothing. Katana Man then reveals that despite giving his heart to a devil like Denji, he still feels guilty about killing zombies, explaining that Denji is the only devil-human hybrid without a conscience. He asks Denji to accept death as a form of mercy killing, but Denji casually replies “I don’t want to”. Irritated, Katana Man begins to transform.The two, now transformed, break through the wall together and begin to fall into the streets below, blades clashing in combat.

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