Chainsaw Man Manga Chapter 32 : Over and Over Again

Chainsaw Man Manga Chapter 32





Future Devil repeats phrases like “Future rules!” and asks Aki to repeat them as well. Aki expresses her intention to make a contract and angers the devil. The Devil demands to read Aki’s future by placing his head in her chest cavity. When he complies, the Devil begins to chuckle loudly and agrees to the contract on the condition that he can live in his right eye. Aki is shocked at the ease of the request, however the Devil taunts him that he wants to see his future ‘with his own eyes’ as he will die in the ‘worst possible way’. He asks if she wants to know how he will die, but Aki declines before agreeing to the contract, no phase.Meanwhile, Denji and Power lay beaten on the floor. Kishibe comments on their improvement and informs them that training will be weekly instead of daily. He warns them to keep cool and be aware of their surroundings before informing them that the “New 4th Division” will be hunting Sawatari and Katana Man. Kishibe informs them if the mission fails, the 4th Division will shut down and he will be forced to kill them. Denji happily remarks that if they were to fight, he would spare Kishibe as thanks for making him stronger and moving him closer to his goal of dating Makima.Later, Kishibe sits down and drinks with Makima. He notes his displeasure with Denji and Power’s continued training, due to his growing attachment to them. He then questions Makima about her prior knowledge of the attacks, noting that “As long as [she’s] on the side of humanity, [she’ll] look the other way”. Makima states that his goal is to save as many people as possible and increase the prestige of the 4th Division. Kishibe considers this before calling her a liar. Makima smiles in response.In an office building, the Gun-Agents reconvene and plan to hide their leaders. Sawatari points out the pointlessness of hiding, given Makima’s power. Katana Man agrees and intends to kill Denji with his own hands. Sawatari uncovers the group’s ultimate weapon: a cluster of zombies left over from the Zombie Devil.

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