Chainsaw Man Manga Chapter 119 : Thief

Chainsaw Man Manga Chapter 119





Arriving at their apartment, Denji explains that the first unbreakable rule is not to touch any front door except his. Asa questions why she would even do that, to which Denji agrees and leads her inside. Asa is taken aback by the dirty state of the apartment before sitting down to watch movies with him. Denji explains rule 2: don’t open the fridge, to which Asa replies that she didn’t even plan to. Finally, he explains the third rule; his roommate is out walking the dogs right now, and she tends to overreact, so regardless, they should never recognize each other in front of her.Embarrassed and insulted, Asa shouts that she doesn’t plan on getting along with him and shoots Denji when he tries to say that one thing can lead to another by rhetorically asking if she likes him. When Denji points out that she was the one who asked him out, she says that she hates him, much to his shock. Asa calms down and explains that he should stay away from her because she has to follow her own deadly rules or he would end up dead. She turns her attention back to the movie and tells him that she will leave after the current movie ends.As they continue to watch the movie, Denji begins to wonder if Asa was just taking advantage of him or if he made a mistake somewhere during their date. He then wonders if it’s because of his body odor, which he mentions is comparable to that of a wet dog, though he begins to wonder if dogs actually smell or not. He turns to ask Asa about it, only to find Yoru staring at him. She kisses him, much to Denji’s shock, and puts her hand on his head, similar to when she tried to turn him into a weapon earlier, but before she can do anything else, the door opens and seven dogs start running into the room. Standing at the door is a seemingly teenage Nayuta with her hair and clothes styled similarly to Makima’s. She pointed at Yora and called her a thief as a chain shot out of her finger and impaled Yora on the forehead.

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