Chainsaw Man Manga Chapter 118 : Saying Goodbye

Chainsaw Man Manga Chapter 118





An attempt to turn Denji into a weapon proved a complete failure, with Denji confusing Yoru by calling out “Denji Spinal Cord Sword”. She tries to transform Denji a few more times to make it unaffected, the boy grabs her head in return and yells “Asa Spinal Cord Sword” thinking it was just a fun way to say goodbye, much to her confusion. Asa berates Yoru for trying to turn him into a weapon, with Yoru stating that it should work since the two hit it off so well. Asa assumes it didn’t work as she believes that transforming into a living person requires said other person to reciprocate her feelings, she probably came to this conclusion because Tanaka had feelings for her.Yoru notes that due to how little sleep they got in the aquarium, he goes to sleep. Asa asks who Fami was, to which Yoru replies that she’s a Famine Devil and it’s been so long since they last met that she couldn’t recognize her, implying that she’s a different incarnation than the one she knows. . He advises Yoru to stay away from her because of her madness, but before Asa can ask why, Yoru passes out. She tries to wake the sleeping devil to no avail, leaving her thinking about Denji and growing increasingly irritated with him for seemingly not reciprocating her feelings despite everything they’ve done.Denji Denji suggests that he and Asa attend an all-night mummy movie marathon at the local cinema for only ¥2,000. Asa, still angry with him, comments that it’s too expensive for her and that video stores would be cheaper. Denji asks if she has a VCR with her, to which she says no. She asks him if he does, and he says yes, to which Asa comments that the date should be at his place then. Denji is shocked that he wants to come, Asa says they can always call off the date if he can’t make it. Finally, he relents and says that he can come to his house, albeit on the condition that he abide by the house rules, which he cannot break in the slightest. Asa asks what would happen if she did, to which Denji says that the worst case scenario is that she would die. Asa doesn’t seem convinced, but Haruka is nearby, spying on them from afar, presumably still curious about Asa’s abilities and fully believing Denji’s words.

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