Chainsaw Man Manga Chapter 117 : Penguin and Weapon

Chainsaw Man Manga Chapter 117





As she waits for Asa to complete her plan, Denji realizes that she is mindlessly listening to someone else again just because she said she would grant any request. Before he could think about it further, he notices a Gentoo penguin right in front of him. When he picks it up, Ace’s deal effect occurs where the entire building turns into a spear while the devil that trapped them is left exposed. Said Devil mocks Asa for even thinking that 1 million yen is remotely close to enough to buy an aquarium, before berating Fami, saying that Asa’s actions were not part of the deal they made. However, before they can hit Asa, the devil’s arm is caught in a tentacle, with Yoshida mockingly commenting that the devil has helped him appreciate life more. Yoru takes over Asa’s body and notes how the latter feels guilty for destroying the aquarium. He thrusts his spear into the devil’s chest, impaling it with a single blow and exploding, releasing all the aquatic beasts that were kept there. The other members of the Devil Hunters Club are stunned, Haruka theorizing out loud who Asa really is, while Denji is too distracted playing with the penguin to notice Asa’s actions. Fami is shown watching the scene from a nearby rooftop, noting that they have to try something else. Yoshida is able to notice her, locking eyes with the Famine Devil.The members of the Devil Hunters Club are then shown talking to some appropriate characters about the incident, while the surviving aquarium employee takes the penguin that Denji had, much to his disappointment. He walks Asa home and she comments on how badly the date went. Denji says he managed to touch the penguin so at least it had silver. Reminding her that she promised to fulfill any request, he asks her out on another date, saying that since he is more experienced, he could teach her how to enjoy herself more. Asa agrees to the suggestion and Denji flashes a peace sign in response.Yoru appears and says that since they both share the same brain, they feel the exact same emotions, love, much to her annoyance and Asa’s embarrassment. Still, Yoru decides she must go ahead with the plan and take over her body before she tries to turn Denji into a spinal sword, just like she did with their old teacher.

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