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Chainsaw Man Manga Chapter 115





It has been roughly three days since the Eternity Devil launched its attack; all the fish have started to rot and the toilets are unusable. As Asa lies on the floor staring into space, Haruka tells her that if she hadn’t broken her mother’s cellphone when she tripped, the others would have had a chance to escape the aquarium. Feeling insulted, she reminds Haruka that he claimed to be the Chainsaw Man and that he should do something to help. Confused, Haruka asks what he’s talking about, reminded by the starter on his chest. Haruka reveals that the starter on his chest is actually a surgical implant and that he got it because he’s just a huge fan. In disbelief, Asa asks him to confirm that he is not the real chainsaw man, to which Haruka breaks down laughing and begs the chainsaw man to save him, much to Asa’s horror.Hearing Haruka’s hysteria, Yoshida told Denji that this should be his cue to do something to fix their current situation. Denji tells Yoshida that the only reason he was able to kill the Eternal Devil in his first fight with him was because he was able to reveal himself to him, but since the Devil is nowhere to be found, he is unable to do anything. Denji then asks Yoshida if there is anything he can do, to which Yoshida pulls out his cell phone. However, Yoshida tells him that getting just one signal isn’t enough to call for help, and he believes that time has effectively stopped in the outside world due to the power of the Devil Eternity, making all efforts to make it useless. Noticing Seigi and Higashiyama both snapping in their own ways, he also tells Denji that he’s okay with dying before asking him if the Chainsaw Man would be able to eat the Devil of Death for the good of the people, to which Denji doesn’t answer. .Denji then leaves to find Asa, asking if she’s okay once he notices her sulking. She replies that she is hungry, to which Denji says that she should eat the fish then, but she denies that she can’t eat it. Asa then apologizes to Denji for asking him out and getting him involved in their current situation. She opens up and says that she was just using it to turn it into a weapon, but found herself unable to because she wasn’t sure what she was doing was morally right. He guesses that’s why she’s a total bore to those around her; she’s too busy focusing on the confusion to drive others away from her. Denji thought about it and then sat down next to her and surprised her with a starfish; an edible creature that bears no resemblance to a living animal. He offers it to her and asks her if she’s ever eaten one before.

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