Chainsaw Man Manga Chapter 104 : Spoiler

Chainsaw Man Manga Chapter 104





Yoru pounds her fists and screams into her pillow, angry that he saved her and Asa with a chainsaw. Asa questions why the War Devil wants Chainsaw Man dead so badly, to which Yoru opens up about how during her fight with Chainsaw Man alongside the other Four Horsemen, her body was partially absorbed, weakening her and explaining why since then there were no major wars. World War (although this was partly due to Chainsaw Man consuming the Nuclear Devil and World War II Devil). Yoru also openly says that he is worried that since the war was relegated to a mere media topic, everyone would forget the concept and it would cease to exist. Asa asks if Yoru is afraid of being forgotten, but the devil has already fallen asleep.Denji is revealed to be acting as a place for a girl, but Yoshida calls him off. Denji explains that for every 10 minutes he pretends to be a chair, he gets paid 10 yen. Yoshida returns Denji’s student I.D. card explaining that he would not allow Chainsaw Man’s identity to be revealed. Denji tries to retreat, but Yoshida pays him 10,000 yen if he stays and acts as his replacement. He then asks Denji if he is trying to reveal his identity to get a girlfriend, which he confirms. Yoshida then offers to find him a girlfriend if he promises not to reveal his identity to the public, to which Denji agrees, explaining that his type is “a girl who is desperate for a boyfriend”. Yoshida thinks for a moment and realizes that he knows a girl who seems to fit that description exactly.Yoshida then brings Denji and Asa outside, explaining that Asa was saved by a chainsaw and that Denji is a “huge fan”. Asa explains that she hated Chainsaw Man and gave several reasons why, including some mentioned in the previous chapter, with Denji refuting each claim with growing frustration. Asa claims that Denji would not know what Chainsaw Man is like, to which Denji admits that he knows this information because he is Chainsaw Man. Asa doesn’t believe him in the least and calls him a loser and leaves, to which Yoshida comments that no one would believe him if he continued to act so flagrantly.

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